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Client Update:

• Scan engine improvements

• FIS has been removed as a beta option and is now implemented fully into the scan engine

• Prior versions of the NoBot client will NOT work with the new Scan Engine/Database format

• Debug logging improved

• Fixed an issue where the "Scan File" feature would loop if the file being scanned was listed as an exception

• Fixed some API communication issues

• Windows Directory scanning will now be performed prior to Module scanning (If both options are checked)

Once you're ready to get out of this sample project and edit your own code, you can use the dropdown in the left sidebar to switch folders. Right now, the dropdown says "Getting Started" - that's the folder containing the file you're looking at right now. Click on the dropdown and choose "Open Folder…" to open your own folder. You can also use the dropdown later to switch back to folders you've opened previously, including this sample project.

Why NoBot?

NoBot is a small development team working to create an application that can remove Spyware/Malware whilst leaving a small foot print with no install. We believe deeply that everyone has a right to privacy and security and we hope NoBot helps you further accomplish that by keeping you safe from online threats.

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